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About Us

Li'l Abner Archery is a certified USA Archery Club.We are part of the community program of the Li'l Abner Foundation.

Our mission is to promote the sport of archery in our community, under the standards of professionalism and safety established by USA Archery.

We offer classes for all kinds of students, from those who want to learn archery as recreation, to those who want to experience the competition.

We are members of the Florida Archery Association. Our team participates each year in the following official tournaments:

- State Indoor

- National and JOAD National Indoor

- State JOAD- State Target

- State 3D

- State Field

- USA Archery Virtual Tournaments

If you want to learn how to shoot a bow and arrows according to the national training system created by USA Archery, register today for a free trial class, Hope to see you soon.

The Team

Staff profile

Alvaro Ubeda

Role: Club Director / Coach
Email: lilabnerfoundation@gmail.com

Staff profile

Raul Rodriguez

Role: Foundation Founder

Staff profile

Francisco (Paco) Ruiz

Role: Exacutive Director

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